Dear Clients,

Currently, there are no new developments in the Bitclub case. We are waiting for the US authorities to fact-check restitution claims and calculate the amount owed to each victim.

We will update you if there are any further developments in this case.

In the meantime, victims can still submit their claims. We urge anyone who still did not submit their claim to do so as soon as possible.

Below is a reminder on how to do it:

1. Go to the platform

2. Choose case “Bitclub”.

3. Enter your claim and upload the signed power of attorney.

4. Pay the legal fees.

5. When we receive your claim, we will contact you for further steps.

Further steps: Complete the Questionnaire. The “Questionnaire” is in English, and your answers must therefore be in English as well. – Complete the “Questionnaire” directly on the form provided to you.

– Send the completed “Questionnaire” from your personal email address to the following emails:



– In case you have further questions in regard to the “Questionnaire” contact us via email at, and we will help you out.

Kind Regards,

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law