Dear Clients,
The final resolution of this case is approaching. Current information is that the final verdicts will be concluded by the end of this year. As that day draws near, the victims’ hope for proportional compensation to their investments grows. With the increasing hope, impatience and nervousness are also on the rise.
Various unverified pieces of information regarding the amounts of confiscated assets circulate among the victims. As an extreme example of misinformation, I would like to mention the rumor claiming that several billions of dollars have been seized from the accused individuals.
We can inform you that the exact amount of confiscated assets has not been officially disclosed. It is known that, in addition to cash, funds in bank accounts, and bitcoins, there have been seizures of properties in luxury real estate and other high-end goods. These are significant resources that will be utilized for compensating the victims. The official information states that Goettsche, Balaci, Weeks, and others obtained the equivalent of at least $722 million from BitClub Network investors.
It is also known that it is still possible to submit a claim in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law