Dear Clients,

Refunding victims in criminal proceedings related to cybercrime can be a complex process and depends on numerous factors, including legal jurisdictions, international cooperation, available resources, and the specifics of each individual case. Here are a few general steps that can be taken to return money to victims in cases of cybercrime and more specifically what was done so far in relation to Bitclub case:

  1. Identification of perpetrators – COMPLETED
  1. Investigation, including evidence gathering and filing of charges – COMPLETED
  1. Legal proceedings, including arrest, trial, and sentencing in accordance with the law – IN PROGRESS
  1. Asset seizure from the perpetrators, including bank accounts, cryptocurrency, securities, movable and immovable property, and other valuable assets – COMPLETED

It’s important to note that returning money to victims in cases of cybercrime is not a simple procedure. Victims should be patient. The most crucial and sensitive phase of the process, which is locating and seizing assets from the suspects, has been completed. Therefore, all that remains is patience to await the completion of the legal procedure.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at law