Dear Clients,

To remind you of your rights in the criminal proceedings:

Right to Information: The victim has the right to be informed about the criminal proceedings, the indictment, hearings, and other relevant events.

Right to Participation: The victim may have the right to participate in the criminal proceedings as a private prosecutor or as a civil plaintiff.

Right to Legal Assistance: The victim usually has the right to hire a lawyer to represent them during the criminal proceedings.

Right to Protection: The victim has the right to protection from retaliation or intimidation by the accused or other individuals connected to the criminal proceedings.

Right to Compensation: If the victim has suffered material or non-material damage as a result of the criminal act, they may have the right to compensation from the convicted person.

Right to Testimony: The victim has the right to be heard during the criminal proceedings to present their version of events and provide evidence in their favor.

Right to Justice: The victim has the right to expect that the criminal proceedings will be fair and just, and that the accused will be held accountable if their guilt is proven.

In our case, all the victims who have hired us have reported their claims to the authority conducting the proceedings. The proceedings are in the final stage.

If you receive any information or notification from U.S. judicial authorities, it is necessary to forward it to us for legal analysis of the received information.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law