Dear Clients,

We continue to publish excerpts from the indictment filed by the prosecution against the individuals responsible in this case. The indictment clearly reveals the criminal intent of the organizers from the very beginning of the project. Everything was aimed to elicit money from the victims.

Carefully consider the following text, which emphasizes the importance of thoroughly researching the company and individuals involved before making any online investments. If you lack expertise in this area, it is advisable to consult a lawyer with cybercrime knowledge before proceeding with your investment.

Quoting parts of the indictment:

I. In or around June 2014, GOETTSCHE and BALACI exchanged emails to discuss the formation of BCN. During this exchange,

BALACI emailed GOETTSCHE: “The margins from the MLM [multi-level marketing] will also be insane cause I have seen your skill at constructing attractive matrixes that have almost 0 chance of paying more than 50% of max or 99% of the people :D.”

II. In or around July 2014, as part of an online chat exchange,

BALACI told GOETTSCHE that BCN’s target audience would be “the typical dumb MLM investor.”

III. In or around October 2014, via Internet chat, GOETTSCHE and BALACI discussed posting fake mining statistics at the inception of BCN to promote the sale of shares in BCN:

GOETTSCHE: but we may need to fake it for the first 30 days while we get going
BALACI: sure
BALACI: we can do that
GOETTSCHE: it needs to look real though @
GOETTSCHE: so need a bit of your magic touch on it
BALACI: look real how? We fake real revenue numbers and show them in account daily
GOETTSCHE: and we dont want to fake it too good so that when we need to back it down it drops off
GOETTSCHE: ternilnolgy
GOETTSCHE: explanation of what is happening
GOETTSCHE: inconsistent numbers daily so its not perfect
GOETTSCHE: all kthds of stuff
BALACI: inconsistent numbers IS real
GOETTSCHE: people think we are not legit or are weary so we need to be careful rolling this out
BALACI: if we pay consistent numbers it will be fake
GOETTSCHE: i know… thats what I am saying, make the numbers inconsistent
BALACI: yeah
BALACI: will make it real

IV. In or around October 2014, GOETTSCHE and BALACI discussed how to calculate fake mining earnings for investors. BALACI stated, “I guess most people do not know only 40% is used for mining and the rest for commissions,” to which GOETFSCHE replied, “the leaders know… it’s the sheep that dont.”

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law