Dear Clients,

We are witnessing constant progress in the legal regulation of cryptocurrencies, which creates additional trust among crypto users. People who have not used cryptocurrency before are starting to buy it. The reduction in Bitcoin mining also increases its price. This situation creates a feeling among people that they are missing out on something big if they do not join the crypto community. The heightened nervousness, resembling the gold rush, is being exploited by fraudsters. Therefore, be cautious; do not invest until you have verified.

At the beginning, Bitclub offered a unique and unparalleled Bitcoin mining system, but unfortunately, it ended in collapse, leaving investors facing enormous losses. Therefore, caution is crucial; before you invest, we advise you to consult experts like us. On our website, you have the opportunity to ask us questions through the ‘Contact Us’ option.

Let us remind you that the official information is that we can expect sentencing for Joby Weeks and Joe Abels on 12.03.2024 and sentencing of Silviu Balaci on 13.03.2024, provided there are no new reschedulings.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law