Dear Clients,

The sentencing for defendants in the Bitclub case has been postponed.

New dates for each of the defendants:

      - Joby Weeks – 19th September, 2024

      - Joe Abel – 18th September, 2024

      - Silviu Balaci – 24th September 2024

The new discovery was made in Matthew Goettsche’s case. Given that all defendants are linked in an organized criminal group, we believe the court has decided that it is necessary to thoroughly review all procedural actions and new circumstances related to Goettsche’s case. This likely led to the postponement of sentencing for the other members of the group.

During the sentencing process, the court is obliged to examine all facts thoroughly, consider all evidence presented by the prosecution and defense, and base the verdict on proven facts. If the court fails to follow this procedure, the appellate court may overturn the verdict or order a new trial, resulting in a significant loss of time. Given that this is a major international case with victims worldwide, the court bears a great responsibility to meticulously investigate all aspects and deliver a judgment in accordance with the law. Such judicial conduct in complex cases is not uncommon; therefore, patience is required. The duration of the legal proceedings in the Bitclub case at this stage depends on the actions of the defense attorneys and their demands, as well as the prosecutor and their proposals. The defense attorneys strive to diminish the accused’s responsibility, while the prosecutor endeavors to prove the criminal activities of this group and secure stricter penalties. Between these two sides, the court must strike the right balance. For the victims in this case, this is certainly no consolation. They are eager to recover their funds as soon as possible. Once again, it is emphasized that justice is slow but attainable.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law