Dear Clients,

Let’s discuss the assets obtained by the defendants through criminal activity in the BitClub case. The Department of Justice was scrutinizing Matt Goettsche’s and the group’s financial holdings. The investigation found significant assets, including millions of dollars in cash, cryptocurrency, real estate, and personal property.

The Department of Justice has compiled a detailed list of assets it deems eligible for forfeiture, indicating their suspicion these assets are obtained through illicit activities, i.e., engagement in the BitClub Network Ponzi scheme. Notably, Goettsche utilized a network of fictitious companies to facilitate the laundering of funds from BitClub Network investors. Some of the assets include:

Real Estate: Hatchet Caye- a resort island property in Belize, Moho Caye- a private island in Belize, Wild Orchid-  a real-estate development on the Belize mainland, a condo timeshare in St. Kitts, Casa Colonia House- a property in Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica, a property in Bluffdale Utah; a property in Stuart Florida, a property in Deerfield Beach Florida etc.

Other movable assets, investments in various projects, assets in bank accounts, and in crypto. The financial investigation itself is complex because the assets were transferred from one company to another and mixed with the assets of other entities. It is necessary to separate, organize, and systematize all of this.

Goettsche rejected the plea deal.

Based on the overwhelming amount of evidence gathered against him, Goettsche is on track to stand trial and serve a lengthy sentence behind bars. Due to the complex nature of the case, extensive discovery, and ongoing discussions between Goettsche and the DOJ, Goettsche’s case is ongoing and will take some time to complete.

The discovery in this case is extensive, consisting, among other things, of reviewing nearly two million electronic records, several different images and digital device extractions, reconstitutions, and review of web page server copies. Time should be added to allow Defense Counsel sufficient time to review and verify the discovery and further investigate the allegations in this matter.

These are all things that make this process take a long time.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law