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Zero tolerance towards cybercrime signifies the determined stance of judicial authorities and society to confront cybercriminals vigorously and apply strict penalties to ensure that such behavior is not tolerated.

Restitution is a crucial element in this approach. Stringent penalties ensure that perpetrators of cybercrimes are held accountable for the harm they have caused to individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Restitution may involve monetary fines as well as other mandatory measures for compensation of the victims.

In our legal practice, we are dedicated to upholding these principles. Comprehensive efforts are essential to combat cybercrime. Therefore, we strive to provide our clients with the highest standard of representation. Our cases are carefully prepared and organized to provide judicial and police authorities with sufficient information for effective handling of the case. 

Below is a part of the criminal complaint in the Jubilee Group case:

Following again the alleged blockade of the operations of Jenco Limited, the perpetrators established a new company in late 2020 under the name Globalystics Tech Research Limited – “GTR”, which replaced the operations of Jenco Limited entirely, operating in the same way but under a different name. The websites of Jubilee Ace Limited, Jenco Limited, and Globalystics Tech Research Limited were operational until recently, but the victims still could not access their accounts.

Jubilee Group Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2018, located at Unit 05, 4/F, Energy Plaza, No.92 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon. Its owner and founder is Mr. T.J.

As a parent company, Jubilee Group Limited established three subsidiary companies: Jubilee Ace Limited in 2018, Jenco Limited in 2020, and Aqua Labs, based in Hong Kong.

Jubilee Ace Limited was established in the British Virgin Islands in 2018 under registration number Reg No. 1992842. Since the British Virgin Islands is an offshore jurisdiction, there is no public register where publicly available information about the company, founders, and directors can be found. Therefore, the lawyer suggests that the information be obtained through official channels during the investigation, as the offshore jurisdiction policy mandates the disclosure of all information for legal proceedings. The offices of Jubilee Ace are located in Malta at Swatar, City Center Regus, Tower Business Centre, 2nd floor, Tower Street, BKR4013, and in Shenzhen, China at 深圳市福田区福华一路 98 号卓越大厦(四号路)1205. This information was presented and displayed on the website and during presentations and meetings with the victims.

EVIDENCE No. 6: Jubilee Ace limited registration documents

EVIDENCE No. 7: Jubilee Ace Limited certificate of incorporation

The business operations of Jubilee Ace Limited involved deceiving individuals, potential investors, into investing money and becoming clients of the company. The victims were misled to open an account on the website and purchase software whose robots allegedly engage in trading on exchanges instead of brokers, with the promise of monthly profits ranging from 4% to 15%, depending on the amount invested.

The company’s capital consisted solely of the funds contributed by the victims, who were both investors and clients. The trading process through the software developed by the company was presented to the victims via the ZOOM application and in-person meetings. The mastermind behind the entire system is likely the suspect, Mr. T.J., the founder of Jubilee Group, Jubilee Ace, and the creator of Aqua Lab, which incorporates the Aqua System linked to the arbitrage trading method. “Aqua” stands for Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage System. According to the perpetrators’ presentations, the software utilizes innovative artificial intelligence technology, enabling a unique trading approach referred to as arbitrage trading.

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In accordance with the law, all suspected individuals have the presumption of innocence until a legally binding verdict is reached. For this reason, full names and other details that would violate this legal presumption of innocence cannot be disclosed in public announcements. Additionally, we cannot publish information that could negatively impact the ongoing legal proceedings.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law