Dear Clients,

After analyzing the gathered information and evidence, there were enough indications to suggest a connection between Jubilee Group and the 3Key Lyra case. Consequently, we compiled the gathered data and prepared a comprehensive report that will be linked to the already open case of Jubilee Ace. We intend to submit the report to the District Attorney’s Office in Zagreb in the coming days.

The complexity of this case requires us to intensify our efforts towards its resolution. That is why we intend to submit the compiled report to Europol (The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation), which is a law enforcement agency of the European Union. It has been fully operational since July 1, 1999, and has jurisdiction over the police services of other European countries, as well as collaboration on a global level.

We believe that this will result in a quicker and more efficient resolution of the case.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law