Dear Clients,

We continue in this newsletter to provide you with information regarding the criminal report and highlight parts of the criminal report that may be of interest to you:

The case of 3Key Lyra is one of the most audacious frauds that deserves the harshest penalties for the perpetrators. Therefore, we are working on this case with special enthusiasm.

“The criminal report is filed by a lawyer on behalf of the victims because there is a reasonable suspicion that the accused have committed the mentioned criminal offenses, for which they are subject to criminal proceedings under the law. We also request that during the proceedings, all found monetary funds in any form and other assets be temporarily confiscated from the accused in order to secure the means for the victims’ restitution.

We are filing this criminal report due to a justifiable suspicion of significant criminal offenses that have resulted in considerable economic damage to numerous victims. The methodical nature of these offenses suggests that they were carried out by a well-organized criminal group with the intention of unlawfully enriching themselves.
Moreover, as the perpetrators acted internationally using modern technology over the internet, these criminal offenses possess an international element and have affected victims in different parts of the world with differing legal systems.

The victims of this fraud were lured to the cited websites, where a well-organized and credible presentation gave the impression of a legitimate business opportunity that would yield a good return on invested funds…”
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law