Dear Clients,

In this case, we have undertaken the following actions to date:

  1. Filed a criminal complaint with the Singapore police against the Suspects.
  2. Engaged clients whom we represent in the ongoing case being prosecuted in the Zagreb District Attorney’s Office, known as the Jubilee Group case.
  3. During our investigation, we have established a possible connection between the Suspects in these two cases.
  4. We are closely monitoring the activities of the Suspects and developments on the ground while awaiting lawful actions by the authorities in this matter.

All relevant information we gather is verified and shared with the state authorities handling this case. We would like to inform you that during the investigative phase, the police and prosecution typically limit the release of information about the case. This behavior is understandable, as premature disclosure may alert the suspects to the measures being taken by the investigative authorities. Consequently, suspects may hide, obstruct evidence collection, or conceal traces of the criminal acts they have committed, thus impeding the progress of the investigation.

We must remain patient and await further developments, offering assistance to the state authorities if requested, all with the aim of recovering the funds that our clients have been deprived of.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law