Dear Clients,

One of the most common questions I get asked in the Jubilee LYRA and 3KAY case:

What are our chances of successfully concluding this case, i.e., will the clients get their investments back?

To conclude this case successfully, the following criteria need to be met:

  • The crime of financial fraud has been committed.

In the LYRA and 3KAY case, we have reasons to believe that the fraud has been committed, as we have previously explained in detail in our newsletters.

  • To locate the unlawful material gain (assets, funds, etc…)

From our own experience and as the established case law indicates, money does not simply disappear. Regardless of whether it was made in crypto or fiat, every transaction can be tracked. The state prosecutor has the expertise and the resources to undertake a financial investigation and locate the unlawfully obtained assets. A relevant example is the “Bitclub” case, where the American prosecutor found and seized $722 million.

  • To compensate the investors from the seized assets.

Based on the existing case law, investors who can file a successful compensation claim during the criminal proceedings must have the appropriate evidence to back it up. For this reason, it is essential to hire an attorney with expert knowledge of the case law to protect the clients’ interests.

Based on our assessments, we believe that the perpetrators have collected assets with a value far greater than what we seek for our clients in their compensation claims. For this reason, we believe that seized assets will be enough to make our clients whole again.

Before initiating criminal proceedings, we will try to reach a settlement with the defendants. If they return the full amount of the stolen money, we will not file a criminal complaint.

Zoran Miljaković, Attorney-at-Law