Dear Clients,

As previously communicated, we are actively pursuing this case by filing a report in Singapore and concurrently in Europe, in conjunction with the Jubilee Group case. These cases are interconnected through the organizers, and we believe this approach will expedite the resolution process.

In Europe, the legal authorities have proceeded with hearings, listening to the statements of the victims throughout the past week.

We’ve been informed by the victims that Bobby Low, the self-proclaimed spokesperson of Jubilee Group, has failed to fulfill any of the promises he made on the Telegram group he established. To recap, these promises included delivering a report on the liquidation of Jubilee Group and RCM, as well as disclosing the financial outcomes of this liquidation. In simpler terms, the victims are left wondering what happened to their investments and how much money, if any, is left.

We have previously cautioned you that all efforts made by the key figures in Jubilee Group are purely focused on evading responsibility and delaying to appease the dissatisfaction of victims of this fraud. It is now abundantly clear that those who believed the promoters of Jubilee Group would take steps to compensate the victims were mistaken; such intentions were never genuine.

If you are a victim who has not yet reported your claim, you still have the opportunity to do so.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law