Dear Clients,

The past week has been very dynamic in this case. We have information that the suspects in the Jubilee Group case, Bobby Low, and the suspects in the 3Kay Lyra case, Nax Tan, have launched a new project called “Procap”. The project is under suspicion of being a scam. Given their previous reputation, this suspicion is almost certain. They have been seen at live presentations in the Philippines, specifically in the capital city of Manila. This project has also expanded to South Korea.

We are verifying these valuable pieces of information and preparing a written submission for the prosecuting attorneys. Dear clients, be cautious. The Procap project is purportedly an insurance sales project, and its operating principles and recruitment of new members are identical to previous failed projects. Do not invest money in dubious projects.

The exchange of information with the relevant authorities has been accelerated. This development has motivated victims who were skeptical about the outcome of this case. We have received a large number of inquiries about whether victims can still report their claims. The answer is yes. Claims can be reported through our DefendMe platform. There are also individuals who have not paid the initial legal fees during registration, and we invite them to do so.

This initial legal fee was, so to speak, symbolic to cover the costs of administration, document preparation, legal filings, official travels, and other associated expenses, platform maintenance, data verification, case research, evidence collection, writing of criminal complaints. These costs and initial fees are allocated for these purposes. Our earnings in this case will be when you recover your money, and you pay us the agreed-upon legal commission. Therefore, it is in our mutual interest to resolve this case.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law