Dear Clients,
As you already know, we are handling this case in conjunction with the Jubilee Ace and Jenco, GTR cases. Investigations have revealed that both cases are connected. Since the Jubilee Ace Jenco GTR case was initiated first, and the investigation is in an advanced stage, it is advantageous for us to link the 3Key Lyra case to it.
One of the most common questions we receive from clients who are victims of cybercrime is why criminal investigations often take a long time. When newspapers report that an organized criminal group has been arrested, from the text, we see that the investigation and evidence collection itself sometimes lasted for several years.
Here are some potential reasons:
Complexity of the case: Cyber fraud often involves sophisticated techniques and tools. Criminals who engaged in cybercrime frequently employ advanced methods to conceal their identities and business practices, making investigations more challenging. Furthermore,
International component: Cases, which involve different jurisdictions, laws and regulations require additional time for both investigation, evidence collection and the trial itself.
Collaboration with the private sector: To address cybercrime, cooperation with private companies and individuals who may be victims is often necessary. Establishing collaboration and sharing information between the public and private sectors may require additional time and effort.
Technical challenges: Analyzing digital traces and collecting electronic evidence can be technically challenging. Accessing computers, data analysis, and financial forensic research require specialized knowledge and skills.
Rapid evolution of technology: Cybercriminals often exploit the latest technological trends. As technology advances quickly, investigators must continuously update their skills and techniques to stay ahead of criminals.
Large number of criminal reports: It poses challenges for law enforcement agencies that are find it challenging to process all criminal reports due to often limited resources.
Our case, Jubilee Group, illustrates all the above-mentioned complexities. We often encounter a negative attitude from law enforcement when initiating such cases, for two key reasons. Firstly, due to the large number of criminal reports law enforcement is getting on the daily basis, while the existing cases remain unresolved. The second reason is the prevailing belief that victims, often due to insufficient caution in their investments, have contributed to the situation they are in.
We have managed to initiate the Jubilee Group case with the prosecutor’s office. Once initiated, it must also be concluded. A significant number of cases never even start for the reasons mentioned above. We actively monitor all stages of the proceedings and closely collaborate with both law enforcement and the victims, preparing them for testimony, addressing numerous technical issues, and documenting changes in personal data of clients in our system, Our goal is to ensure a fair and efficient outcome, and to support the victims through all aspects of the legal process. We are confident that through our active efforts, we can contribute to bringing this case to a conclusion within a reasonable time frame, ensuring compensation for all victims, and depriving the perpetrators of the assets acquired through the commission of the crime and leading to their lawful conviction.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at law