Dear Clients,
As you already know, we are handling this case in conjunction with the Jubilee Ace and Jenco, GTR (all together known as the Jubilee Group) cases. Investigations have revealed that both cases are connected. Since the Jubilee Group case was initiated first, and the investigation is in an advanced stage, it is advantageous for us to link the 3Key Lyra case to it.
Below is part of the criminal complaint we have forwarded to Europol.
Delivered to:
Cybercrime department
P.O. Box 908 50
2509 LW The Hague
The Netherlands
To whom it may concern,
On June 5, 2022, attorneys Zoran Miljaković from Belgrade, Serbia and Mirko Cetina from Zagreb, Croatia on behalf of nine victims, citizens of the Republic of Croatia and an additional 354 victims from other countries, submitted a criminal complaint to the County Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia. The complaint was filed against 17 individuals for conspiracy to defraud, as stipulated in Article 236, Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Croatia, along with other offenses. The complaint was registered at the prosecutor’s office and subsequently forwarded to the County Attorney’s Office in Zagreb, as the competent jurisdiction, on April 13, 2023.
EVIDENCE No. 1: Notification by the Municipal State Attorney’s Office in Zagreb
In the meantime, the victims have continued to report their claims against the perpetrators. As of the date of writing this letter, a total of 2,231 victims have reported their claims and authorized our law office to represent them in this case, including nine citizens of the Republic of Croatia. The total amount of damages the victims have reported to our law firm is USD 257,438,701.47.
Based on Article 205 (NN 145/13, 70/17) paragraph 1 of the Criminal Procedure Act of the Republic of Croatia, the lawyer representing the victims submits a
C R I M I N A L   C O M P L A I N T
Against the perpetrators: (17 individuals)
EVIDENCE No. 2: Excel spreadsheet containing images and data of the perpetrators.
Between 2018 and 2021, the perpetrators engaged in a scheme to defraud citizens from various countries, including countries in the European Union, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Japan, Russia, and others. They intentionally established fake websites, conducted presentations through the ZOOM platform, and arranged personal meetings across the globe. Through these actions, the perpetrators intentionally misrepresented and concealed information about their businesses and operations, duping victims by falsely promising substantial profits through investing in their electronic software for financial arbitration services.
Regrettably, the perpetrators’ assertions were proven false, and they retained all the funds they acquired from the victims. According to the criminal complaint submitted on behalf of the victims, attorney Zoran Miljaković approximates that the suspects illicitly obtained over $4 billion, which inflicted massive losses on the victims of this fraudulent activity.
The attorney represents 2,231 victims, including nine Croatian citizens. The total amount for which the clients we represent were defrauded is 257,438,701.47 USD. This case represents a clear manipulation and abuse of the trust of investors by the perpetrators who offered investment opportunities, leading to significant losses suffered by individuals who believed in their promises.
The suspects committed the following criminal offenses through their actions:
1.           Continued criminal offense of Fraud (conspiracy to defraud) under Article 236, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Croatia.
2.           Continued criminal offense of Market Abuse under Article 260, paragraph 2, in conjunction with paragraph 1, points 2 and 3 of the Criminal Code of Croatia.
3.           Continued criminal offense of Money Laundering under Article 265, paragraph 4 of the Criminal Code of Croatia.
These criminal acts are stipulated in all European legislations. Therefore, an equivalent example of these offenses in German legislation are:
1.           Fraud: “Betrug” (§ 263 StGB)
2.           Market manipulation: “Marktmanipulation” (§ 38 WpHG)
3.           Money laundering: “Geldwäsche” (§ 261 StGB)
These criminal offenses may vary in detail, but they are essentially the same in all European countries and most countries around the world. According to experts, the Jubilee Group case is considered one of the top 20 largest crypto frauds in the world. Based on our estimation, the suspects unlawfully appropriated over 4 billion dollars. Considering the international nature of this criminal case and the vast amount of unlawfully acquired funds, we believe it warrants the involvement of Europol and Interpol.
All the victims have provided our office with tangible evidence of their claims, power of attorney for representation, and numerous material evidence related to the flow of funds and the modus operandi of this extended criminal offense. We stand ready to provide the prosecution with all the evidence at our disposal……………… To be continued
In accordance with the law, all suspected individuals have the presumption of innocence until a legally binding verdict is reached. For this reason, full names and other details that would violate this legal presumption of innocence cannot be disclosed in public announcements. Additionally, we cannot publish information that could negatively impact the ongoing legal proceedings.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law