Dear Clients,

In 2022, nine individuals in South Korea employed deceptive tactics to lure victims into investing in their electronic currency and ecosystem. The suspects utilized the internet to create websites, conduct presentations via the ZOOM platform, and hold personal meetings, during which they misrepresented their companies and operations, promising substantial financial returns that were not delivered. Following the investment, the victims were not paid as promised and were unable to access their accounts. The suspects misappropriated the funds for personal gain and absconded. By doing so, they committed the criminal offense of fraud, which is punishable by law.

Our investigation has revealed a possible connection between this fraudulent activity and the Jubilee Group scam. Although our intervention prevented the 3Key and Lyra projects from succeeding in Europe, they were nonetheless realized in South Korea. The existing information we have gathered on the Jubilee Group case will enable us to effectively pursue the 3Kay Lyra case.

Our main objective is to facilitate the recovery of your investments and provide adequate compensation for the damages you have suffered. Towards this end, we have initiated prompt actions to process your claims, gather relevant information on the suspects, and undertake other operational measures that are typically necessary during this phase of the proceedings.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law