About Us

We keep the traditions and continue to seek excellence through knowledge of law.

Protecting the Law

Our Law Firm was established almost a century ago by Dr. Pavle Miljakovic, who gained renown and prominence as the defense attorney in the Draza Mihajlovic Case after the Second World War, the Yugoslav equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials.
Almost a hundred years later, our mission is still the same today. We keep the traditions and continue to seek excellence through knowledge of the law and innovative local and international practices for our clients worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Lawyers

Besides standard legal practice, where we can offer a complete range of integrated and comprehensive consulting expertise, we specialize in cyber-crime investigation. We have a dedicated team of experts from different fields, including IT and cryptocurrency experts. Using our considerable knowledge and resources, we are able to dismantle and document cyber-crimes mostly related to cryptocurrency and network marketing frauds. This allows us to represent our clients successfully and seek restitution, compensation, and damages globally.
“Defend Me” is the platform that enables us to integrate all our clients who are involved in specific class action lawsuits. Gather all the necessary data, power of attorney, specific individual claims, process payments, etc.… Most importantly, however, it enables us to interact with the community and achieve transparency and a high level of communication with everyone that we represent.

Our Team

Zoran Miljakovic

Zoran Miljakovic is the managing partner of Miljakovic Law Firm. After completing his studies in Belgrade and graduating from the military academy he was the Chief Security Officer in Operation zone 4 as well as training instructor of the special police forces. He was the founder of a specialized agency that focused on security and private investigations before he took his place in the family practice.

His area of expertise is corporate and criminal law with the focus on creating and setting up legal foundations for enterprises operating both locally and internationally, especially in Asia.

Languages: English, Serbian

Aleksandar Miljakovic


Aleksandar Miljakovic graduated law from City University London in 2012 and completed his MA at Webster University Vienna. After gaining considerable experience working in Vienna, Moscow, and Hong Kong he joined our law firm.

His area of expertise is corporate and international law with the primary focus on contract analysis and negotiations.

Languages: English, German and Serbian

Andjela Okiljevic


Andjela Okiljević has been an associate/trainee at the Miljaković law firm since November 2023, where she specializes in the areas of corporate and contract law, as well as criminal law with a focus on cybercrime.

Her area of interest also includes family law, inheritance law, and property-legal relations.

She graduated in 2018 from the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade.

Languages: Serbian and English.

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