Guide For Filing A Claim

Register a case for GTR

A brief explanation of the procedure for registering a case on our platform.
1) Each case registration and Power of attorney request allows you to link up to 20 accounts with different user names from your accounts.
2) All fields in the form need to be filled accordingly to each account.

The information you are providing must match the data from your back office. In case of any inaccuracy, particularly the entry of incorrect information, your request will be automatically excluded from the process. The person’s right to representation will be revoked without the possibility of a refund of the paid attorney’s fees.

Please, study T&C carefully and contact the support center from the legal team in case of any ambiguities. After fully understanding, choose the option to register a case and sign the Power of attorney.
Enter the personal data correctly, which must completely match the information on your personal document with the picture, which you will upload as proof of identity (your current living address does not have to match the address on the document).

Before entering data information of your financial amounts, please understand how to fill the form and enter the required data based on which the total value of your receivables is calculated correctly.
According to the total value of the claim, choose the payment method of your part of the co-payment for attorney’s fees.
After making the payment, you will have full access to all information on the platform, and you will become a represented member accordingly.
Please, keep your username and password to access your profile private, and do not share it with anyone else.

In case of any ambiguities, don’t hesitate to contact our support, who will respond to your request as soon as possible!

DefendMe Global Team

Registering a second or a third claim

After completing the report of the first case and sending all the necessary information.

If you want to choose the next case you can go to the legal cases page where you can choose a new case for which you are seeking damages and do the same procedure for that case.
Note: powers of attorney are unique for each case and the same power of attorney cannot be used for each case but you must download a new power of attorney.

After registration

When you create your account on the DefednMe Global platform and confirm your account.

It is necessary to choose which case you want to report on the page legal cases.

After selecting an item (by clicking on the Register Claim) a new window opens in which you need to enter the name of the account and enter the amount of the claim of that account, you can enter up to 20 accounts.

After entering all account and receivable names, you must upload images of your accounts (you can upload up to 80 images).

You must upload a picture of your passport, ID card, or driver’s license to complete the previous step.

On the occasion of the completion of the upload of the identification card, you must download the power of attorney that you must fill in and upload.

If you are unable to upload the power of attorney at that time, you can go to my account and find the power of attorney for your case and upload it there.

The last item is the payment of legal services and when we confirm your payment we have all the documentation and we can present yours for the case you reported.

How To Register – Become A New User

Become a new user

Hello, if you want to become a new member, the procedure is.

You must first create an account on our DefendMe Global platform.

Use the email address you use most often because when you complete the registration you will receive an email confirmation that you are creating your account with us. After receiving the email, you need to click on the link so that we can verify your account, after verification you will be returned to the DefendMe GLobal website.

After verification, you have to go to the page with legal cases and choose what type of case you are looking for, e.g. JubileeAce / Jenco, GTR (Globalitics Tech Research), Geton, OneCoin, Bitclub, and Discrimination.
After selecting the item (click on Register item) a new window opens in which you need to enter the name of the account and enter the amount of the claim of that account, you can enter up to 20 accounts.
After entering all the names of accounts and receivables, you must upload images of your accounts (you can upload up to 80 images).

If you have any questions, you can contact us and our support team will answer them as soon as possible.

Can the individual investors from Jubilee ACE/Jenco be part of the investigation or bare any potential criminal liability?

Individual investors will by default not be criminally liable if they made their investment in good faith. Any individual who might bear legal consequences is the one who is actively participating or contributing to the criminal wrongdoing. Aiding and abetting, providing false information, impeding the investigation, or in any other way actively preventing the pursuit of justice and restitution of the investment.

Will our data of the registered claim amount be provided to any state entity or any other third party?

Privacy Policy and Information Security
Information provided to our DefendMe platform is fully covered and secured by our Privacy Policy and data protection. This information will not be provided to any state entity or any other third party unless required by the investigation in order to fulfill our legal mandate. All these will be handled with the utmost care, bearing in mind the individual security of the investors.

I have several different accounts in Jubilee Ace and JENCO? Can I link all of them to one refund request?

A total of 5 different usernames from Jubilee Ace and/or JENCO can be linked to one refund request. If someone has more than 5 accounts in each then for others over those 5 a new request needs to be made. One person can ask for more requests but each request should be with different email address.

Can advisory board members guarantee us a refund of our money?

No one can guarantee a refund except the company. The members of the advisory board are investors in Jubilee Ace and JENCO like everyone else, only they are those ones who have launched an initiative to do something about the return of money.

Why not Top Leaders cover the costs of lawyers, they made a lot of money anyway?

Top leaders and everyone else were earning bonuses according to a marketing plan made by the company. The idea with lawyers is no one’s obligation and everyone have to freely choose how to participate.

Is the ultimate goal to sue the company, Bobby, Tony and other leading people from the Jubilee group?

Not at all! Our main goal is to get our money back and on that issue we expect cooperation from Bobby, Tony and others with our lawyers.

Why we need lawyers if we can wait the company to pay us?

If the company are willing to pay us, they can do it in any time! With the lawyers we will be more secured in these process as we want to be paid in Bitcoins or USDT and not in Aquanite tokens!