Register a Case for GTR

A brief explanation of the procedure for registering a case on our platform.


  1. Each case registration and Power of attorney request allows you to link up to 20 accounts with different user names from your accounts.
  2. All fields in the form need to be filled accordingly to each account.

The information you are providing must match the data from your back office. In case of any inaccuracy, particularly the entry of incorrect information, your request will be automatically excluded from the process. The person’s right to representation will be revoked without the possibility of a refund of the paid attorney’s fees.

    Please, study T&C carefully and contact the support center from the legal team in case of any ambiguities. After fully understanding, choose the option to register a case and sign the Power of attorney.
    Enter the personal data correctly, which must completely match the information on your personal document with the picture, which you will upload as proof of identity (your current living address does not have to match the address on the document).
    Before entering data information of your financial amounts, please understand how to fill the form and enter the required data based on which the total value of your receivables is calculated correctly.
    According to the total value of the claim, choose the payment method of your part of the co-payment for attorney’s fees.
    After making the payment, you will have full access to all information on the platform, and you will become a represented member accordingly.

Please, keep your username and password to access your profile private, and do not share it with anyone else.

In case of any ambiguities, don’t hesitate to contact our support, who will respond to your request as soon as possible!

DefendMe Global Team

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Calculate your total claim by adding:
- Amount in Wallets (BTC, USDT, USDP, GTD, GTC, TOKEN)
- Subscription Amount (without VFS)
- SPP-Subscription Amount
- pending GTD-Withdrawals (receivable amount)
- pending USDT-Withdrawals (Fund-Out)

You are allowed to link a maximum of 20 different usernames from GTR to this request.

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Please take and keep for your records as well a following screenshots from GTR:
- Screenshot of Dashboard
- Screenshot of Sponsor List
- Screenshot SPP Program
- Screenshot Pending GTD-Withdrawals
- Screenshot Pending USDT-Withdrawals (Fund-Out)