Dear Clients,
Last week witnessed the occurrence of the BitLucki collapse, an incident involving a little-known company based in Rijeka, Croatia, which is now being referred to as the “largest crypto fraud in Croatia” by the general public. The responsible party, Mr. Burazer, a prominent figure in the Croatian crypto community, allegedly “wiped out” all of the company’s accounts and has since concealed himself at an undisclosed location.
The police have stated that they are gathering information to determine the necessary actions and measures within their jurisdiction, citing the confidentiality of the ongoing investigation.
What relevance does this event have to the Allied Capital Trade case? All these events are changing the stance of law enforcement authorities towards perpetrators of criminal acts in the crypto field. Previously, such cases were rarely prosecuted due to a lack of knowledge in the IT field and the belief that individuals should exercise caution and take responsibility for their decisions regarding crypto investments.
Now, this is changing with the increasing number of victims of fraud, which gives us reason to believe that the Allied Capital Trade case will also be resolved.
We are still receiving claims in this case. Following that, we will proceed with the preparation for the Croatian or other relevant prosecutor’s office.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law