Dear Clients,

In the past week, we received a lot of questions from our clients. We have selected the most important ones to share in this newsletter:

  • Is the Bitclub case concluded, or can it still be expanded to encompass new people?

This case is concluded. The leader of this criminal enterprise Mr. Matthew Brent Goettsche, and the other accused are sentenced to imprisonment and fines, and their assets are confiscated.  

The case will not be reopened to potentially include new people. 

  • Did the victim repayment process start?

During our business visit to New York, the acting prosecutor notified us that the payment process did not start yet but advised that our clients should submit their claims as soon as possible. 

  • If I fail to submit my claim by 11.11.2022, is it still possible to apply at a later date?

We decided on November 11 as the recommended deadline. The public prosecutor did not set a date, and he only suggested that our clients submit their claims as soon as possible as the case will be closed soon. It is, therefore, in your best interest to adhere to this advice. 

If the case is closed and you have not submitted your application in a timely manner, your request will not be considered. If you fail to submit your claim, we can ask for an extension on your behalf, providing the reasoning for this request is solid. This is, however, additional administrative work that should be avoided. 

  • Will there be enough funds to pay all victims? 

We were told that all funds from bank accounts, wallets, and other assets belonging to the convicted Bitclub organizers had been confiscated. The public prosecutor has access to the Bitclub database as all computers and reports from the convicted individuals were taken. It is estimated that there will probably be enough funds to pay the victims, and if there are not enough funds, the compensation for each victim will be proportionally reduced. 

A large number of Bitclub members are still not informed about the possibility of seeking compensation and will be deprived of their money once the deadline passes. 

Some Bitclub members do not report their claims out of guilt and shame for not being careful enough and investing money in a very dubious project.

Many Bitclub members are hesitant to submit their claim fearing they will be accused as well. This fear is unfounded as the case has already been concluded. This is just a victim compensation scheme, and all information the prosecutor requires is for this reason only. 

I believe that due to the above three reasons, only a small number of victims submitted their claims, meaning there will be fewer people to distribute the confiscated assets to. This gives us a better chance to be paid the whole claim amount. 

We were told that DefendMe lawyers are the only office representing victims from the European Union, and several American offices exclusively represent clients from the US. 

  • I lost the documentation about my investment in Bitclub and don’t remember the exact amounts?

Each client should fill out the “Questionnaire” to the best of their ability to remember the requested information. The prosecutor possesses the Bitclub database, and he may be able to find your data even though you do not have it. In that case, you will still be compensated. 

  • Should I put in the “Questionnaire” that DefendMe attorneys represent me?

This is not necessary. You can, however, mention it in the body of the email you will be sending. 

  • I haven’t registered my claim through the DefendMe Platform yet. Can I still do it?

Yes, you can still register your claim via our Platform at Once you complete the registration, upload the “Questionnaire” and send it to the specified emails. 

Reminder on how to submit your claim:

  • Complete the “Questionnaire” attached to this email. The “Questionnaire” is in English, and your answers must therefore be in English as well. We have translated the “Questionnaire” into German to help you understand specific questions better.
  •  Complete the “Questionnaire” directly on the form provided to you.
  • Send the completed “Questionnaire” from your personal email address to the following emails:
  • In case you have further questions in regard to the “Questionnaire” contact us via email at, and we will help you out.


The clients who have already submitted the “Questionnaire” at do not have to do so again. You should only forward it to us at

*** The German version of this Newsletter will be available from Monday, 14.11.2022

Kind Regards,

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law