Dear Clients,

On the question how long it takes for the restitution claims to be completed?

The amount of time it takes for courts to pay restitution to victims once the accused have been proven guilty can vary greatly depending on the specific case and jurisdiction. There are a number of factors that can affect the timeline, such as the complexity of the case, the amount of assets that were seized and liquidated, and the number of victims involved.

If the accused have had their assets seized and liquidated to pay restitution, which is the case here, the process can move relatively quickly. The court will then need to determine how the assets will be distributed among the victims. This process can also take some time, as the court will need to review all of the victim’s claims and determine the appropriate amount of restitution for each individual.

In the Bitclub case individual claims submitted by our clients are currently being evaluated to determine the appropriate amount. The only thing left to do now is wait until the administration has completed this process.

Kind Regards,

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law