The Rijeka-based company BitLucki, specializing in cryptocurrency trading, allegedly defrauded nearly a thousand investors of at least 70 million euros in cryptocurrencies. According to speculation, the victims of this fraud are domestic crypto enthusiasts.

“This is also a conservative estimate. According to our information, at least 700 to 800 individuals have been affected. It appears that one-third of the clients are unaware of the news that the company has collapsed,” stated the editorial team at Kriptovijest.

However, according to publicly available data, the company, founded in 2018 in Rijeka, reported revenues of 4.5 million kuna (€589,000) and total assets of 15 million kuna (€1,960,000) in its 2021 report.

The business model of BitLucki was straightforward. Clients would provide funds, which the company would then invest in cryptocurrencies. The minimum investment was approximately 15,000 kuna (just under €2,000), but there were reportedly clients who entrusted Burazer with investments as high as €700,000. Burazer promised investors a monthly profit ranging from 5% to 25%, for which he charged a commission of 20% to 40%.


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