Eddy Alexandre defrauded tens of thousands of ordinary investors of almost a quarter-billion dollars in his cryptocurrency investment scam.

EminiFX was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme launched in late 2021. The Ponzi scheme pitched weekly returns to investors, purportedly derived via forex trading.

Alexandre’s fraud was brazen and included fabricating weekly investment returns of at least 5% out of thin air and falsely claiming to use artificial intelligence trading technology that did not even exist.

Most egregiously, Alexandre recruited many of his investors by exploiting his position of trust within his church and the Haitian community, even going so far as to enlist members of the church to help recruit EminiFX investors.

In reality, what little trading Alexandre did engage in resulted in substantial losses. Investor funds were used to perpetuate a classic Ponzi scheme, with Alexandre skimming off the top.

Following on from a joint investigation opened by the DOJ and CFTC, the FBI commenced surveillance of Alexandre in New York. This surveillance led to collection of evidence, demonstrating Alexandre simply made up the weekly ROI paid to EminiFX investors.

As this sentence demonstrates, cryptocurrency executives who lie and cheat their customers will be held to account for their crimes.

Source: behidnmlm.com

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