This scam refers to a fraudulent scheme that operates under the guise of a legitimate MLM business. MLM, also known as network marketing or pyramid selling, is a legal business model where participants earn income through direct sales of products or services and by recruiting new participants into the network.

However, some unscrupulous individuals or organizations may use the MLM structure as a cover for scams. Here are some characteristics of online MLM scams:

  1. Emphasis on Recruitment Over Product Sales: Legitimate MLM companies generate revenue primarily from the sale of products or services. In MLM scams, the focus is often on recruiting new participants rather than selling actual products. Participants are required to pay a fee to join and earn money by bringing in others rather than through product sales.
  2. High Entry Fees: Scammers may require high entry fees or upfront costs to join the program. Legitimate MLMs typically have reasonable startup costs and allow participants to earn income through product sales.
  3. No Genuine Products or Services: In some cases, the scam may lack genuine products or services. The emphasis is on recruiting new members rather than offering valuable products.
  4. Promise of High Returns with Little Effort: Scams often promise participants high returns with minimal effort or time investment. Legitimate MLMs stress the importance of hard work, salesmanship, and building a network over time.
  5. Lack of Transparency: Legitimate MLMs are transparent about their products, compensation plans, and business practices. Scams may lack clear information or provide misleading details about how the business operates.
  6. Pyramid Structure: While MLMs have a hierarchical structure, pyramid schemes are illegal and unsustainable. In a pyramid scheme, the focus is solely on recruiting new members, and there is no genuine product or service involved.

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