Internet-based investment portals have emerged as a significant contemporary scam, deceiving countless individuals who register with hopes of making investments but end up losing billions. In Germany, a substantial number of victims have fallen prey to their own naivety.

Filmmakers Niklas Resch and Caroline Uhl delve into this issue by engaging with both victims and investigators, subsequently uncovering the identities of some of the perpetrators. They find that combating this form of fraud is akin to battling against insurmountable odds. Furthermore, the connection between victims and perpetrators may be more intricate than initially perceived.

The fraudulent activities persisted for multiple years until law enforcement officials from the State Criminal Police Office in Saarbrücken successfully dismantled the gang through an intricate investigation. However, despite these efforts, other individuals persist in pilfering substantial amounts of money through the same scam, and the fraudulent operations continue to this day.

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