Hotnews No. 76 “ASGARD & Olympus Prime”

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“ASGARD & Olympus Prime”
Global Fraud Case

Europol announced on January 12, 2023, that authorities from Serbia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Germany, supported by Europol and Eurojust, are investigating organized crime groups involved in cryptocurrency investment fraud. The investigation, led by Belgrade’s high-tech crime prosecutor, targets fraudulent activities potentially involving 150 to 200 individuals in Serbia and includes over twenty financial probes to trace money flows and seize luxury assets.

This global fraud case, affecting 127,000 victims from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and others is linked to companies ASGARD and Olympus Prime operating out of Serbia. The financial damage is estimated at $7 billion, reflecting funds displayed on Olympus Prime’s platforms during the raid. The scheme used fake platforms to mimic market activities, deceiving clients into believing they were making profitable cryptocurrency investments. Investigators have identified over 80 fraudulent investment platforms associated with these companies.

CASE UPDATE: Significant progress

We, at DefendMe have already submitted restitution claims on behalf of our clients that we represent in this case. Only individuals who have submitted the restitution claim will be eligible to have their money returned to them once the trail is over. Individuals who did not submit their claims will not be considered for restitution. The prosecutor has seized a lot of assets from the defendants including crypto wallets with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, real estate, bank accounts, motor vehicles, etc… These assets will be liquidated to return money to the victims who submitted the restitution claim. We urge all victims to submit their claims as soon as possible.

If you are a victim of such fraud and wish to hire us or have any questions regarding your legal status you can contact us via our DefendMe Platform ( or via email at

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