Hotnews No. 80 “Grandpacifictrade” Scam

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Hot News | 0 comments

Dear Clients,

Grandpacifictrade scam

Call center is an organized unit within an organization or company that handles a large volume of telephone calls from users or clients. This organizational model is often exploited by organized criminal groups for cyber fraud. The organizers provide space, good internet connection, and staff to make calls to victims. Employees in the call center undergo thorough training and receive a percentage of the revenue generated by fraud, along with bonuses.

Grandpacifictrade is a scam, a fake platform that operated through a call center. The appearance of legitimacy for the call center operations was provided by Olympus Prime and Asgard companies based in Belgrade. The suspects have been arrested, and criminal proceedings are underway in Belgrade.

In this case, we represent victims who responded to an online advertisement promoting the cryptocurrency trading platform Grand Pacific Trade. The platform’s website was, but access to it is no longer possible.

The majority of victims are from Germany, Canada, Australia, and other countries worldwide.

Attorney at law
Zoran Miljakovic