Dear Clients,

This is our information newsletter to keep you updated and to provide a general outline of the investigation.

The power of Attorneys that we received have all been filed and processed.

Activity Plan:

Phase one (ongoing):


–        Investigative actions aimed at collecting facts about companies, individuals involved, and cash flow.

–        Verification of the authenticity of the financial investigation in Japan.

–        Discovering and evaluating the reasons why the arbitration on the Regal Core Market was stopped.

–        Official meetings with Top Leaders to ascertain firsthand information.

–        Determining exactly on which accounts (wallets) is the money held and in what amounts.

–        Full legal evaluation and analysis of the gathered information and formation of compensation and restitution claims. 

The main goal of Phase one is to settle claims of our clients who have signed a power of attorney in an amicable way.

According to our timeline, this phase should be completed by 20.01.2022.

Phase two:


–        If our clients, who have signed a power of attorney, have not been appropriately compensated by the end of Phase one, we will move in the direction of initiating criminal proceedings for fraud.

–        Furthermore, we will simultaneously initiate civil proceedings to compensate for damages.

According to our timeline, this phase should be completed by 20.04.2022.

From now on, we will send a newsletter every Friday to inform you about our progress and to keep you updated.