Dear Jubilee Ace / JENCO investors.

Many thanks to all of you who have registered your case and paid the attorney’s fee.
About 300 of us are now officially represented by the professionals until we will receive our money back.
We don’t trust too many fake promises from the company or from the leaders or to join other some weird projects like GTR (are you familiar with the last announcement from them, where we saw the same strategy how to take money from people as it was in Jubilee Ace or Jenco).

Registrations on the lawyer’s platform are still possible but the attorney’s fees have been changed as follow:

  • for the claim amounts up to $ 1000 -> € 40
  • for the claim amounts from $ 1,001 to $ 5,000 -> € 100
  • for the claim amounts from $ 5,001 to $ 50,000 -> € 200
  • for the claim amounts from $ 50,001 to $ 250,000 -> € 400
  • for the claim amounts from $ 250,000 – $ 500,00 -> € 1,000

 Every other claim amount over $ 500,000 will be considered separately in personal contact with the investor.

Contingent legal fee – an additional charge added to a negotiated attorney fee in the event of the successful restitution will be 10% of the total returned amount.