Dear Jubilee Ace / JENCO investors,

thank you for the great support of our idea to seek professionals who will represent our interests, because that is the only way we can get our money back.
We are especially convinced of this after very suspicious individuals, who look only at their own interests, recently released a very strange information which certainly will not help any of us to return our investment (which we have faced in the idea with GTR where many of you just lost more money) .
Our lawyers will soon release an official letter on that.

Many of you have contacted us in recent days disappointed because you did not know about our idea with lawyers before. It is truly unfortunate and it should be a shame to all those leaders who did not inform members of their team about this idea with lawyers.
Such behaviors of individuals ruin the reputation of the best industry in the world, the industry of Network Marketing.
But let it be to their shame, we will still go on with the next step.

So we agreed with our lawyers, who once again showed understanding and we extended the deadline for registration on the platform and reporting your claim, keeping the initial price for attorney’s fee until 20/10/21.

We kindly ask you not to be selfish and pass on the information to other Jubilee Ace & JENCO investors, as there are still members who do not know about us.