Jubilee Ace/ Jenco/ GTR Newsletter No. 128

by | May 24, 2024 | GTR, Jubile Ace & Jenco | 0 comments

Dear Clients,

In today’s newsletter, you will find another excerpt from the criminal complaint in the Jubilee Group case that we have written and submitted in different jurisdictions.

… According to capital market regulations, the withdrawal or deposit of funds must undergo a banking transaction and payment process, subject to the supervision of authorized banking and financial institutions. In the beginning, the perpetrators made profit payments to investors in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. However, they eventually ceased these payments and introduced their own cryptocurrency called Aqua Coin (AQN), falsely presenting it as the exclusive means of future profit distributions from trading, ranging from 4% to 15% depending on the amount invested in the company’s projects. It should be noted that Aqua Coin holds no value in the market. As a result, the victims lost all the money they had invested, and the promised trading profits were never paid out.

Important to keep in mind:

  • Unscrupulous spreading of false and misleading information to a large number of people worldwide many of whom became clients (victims) of these companies investing enormous sums of money.
  • Deceptively demonstrating fictitious earnings in front of the victims, with the intention of defrauding them.
  • The perpetrators were fully aware that the information they disseminated was false and deceptive, and they aimed to deceive a large number of individuals in order to generate greater financial gains for themselves through the principles of Multi-Level Marketing.

To be continued…


Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law