Jubilee Ace/ Jenco/ GTR Newsletter No. 134

by | Jul 5, 2024 | GTR, Jubile Ace & Jenco | 0 comments

Dear Clients,

There has been an official announcement from the CEO of Jubilee Group Mr. Tony Jackson made on 28.06.2024.

In this announcement it is claimed that: “Jubilee Group has diligently pursued the recovery of funds. Despite our efforts,… we have been unable to secure the refund of funds”, and Jubilee Group has therefore: “devised a separate policy aimed at returning the accumulated value to our users.”

The “Policy” that they have devised involves introducing a new token “SAAS” that is supposedly a stable coin valued at $1.00. Victims are supposed to accept this token as compensation for their investments and money they have lost.

The opinion of our lawyers is that this is just another delaying tactic of the Jubilee group management. They intend to deceive the victims promising and offering them compensation schemes that do not hold any value. The value of this “SAAS” token is based on the wishful thinking and has no basis in reality or any value adding eco system to speak of.

We strongly advise our clients NOT to accept any compensation scheme that does not include direct payments of fiat currencies, USDT, or any other established and well-known cryptocurrency.

If you accept their compensation scheme it is possible that you might damage your actual compensation claim. Jubilee Group can argue that you have willingly and with full knowledge of the risks taken their token as compensation. This will make our job of getting you your money back much more difficult.

To that point, our office has contacted Jubilee Group many times in order to negotiate fair and legal compensation scheme based on contracts and clear timelines for our clients. The Jubilee Group has never accepted any of our proposals, which indicates that they never had any intention of giving any money back.  

This alleged compensation scheme is the response of the Jubilee Group on the events and actions of the police authorities in Europe, especially in Germany. As we have claimed before, everything that the Jubilee Group management has done so far has been a delaying tactic with the aim of avoiding criminal and civil responsibility and keeping the money that they have taken from our clients and thousands of others. They have never delivered on their promises, the last one being that they will provide us with official financial audits and liquidation documents.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law