Dear Clients,

Upon accepting this case on our platform and urging victims to file their claims, we encountered strong opposition from the Jubilee Group and its representatives. A proactive negative campaign unfolded in various Telegram groups, aimed at dissuading victims of this alleged scam from seeking resolution through the sole viable avenue – the legal process.  It was indicative to us that individuals dissuading victims from reporting their claims either had a personal financial stake or were aware from the outset that the organizers of this project were engaging in alleged fraudulent activities and that the whole arbitration process was allegedly simulated through a computer program, implying that real arbitration never occurred.

The second major challenge involved initiating criminal proceedings and breaking the entrenched belief within judicial and law enforcement circles that individuals are solely responsible for their actions and were aware of the risks when investing in such projects. We successfully overcame this hurdle as well. Legal proceedings were initiated in Germany, Croatia, and with involvement of Europol as the overarching organization. A criminal report was also lodged with the Singaporean police. The prosecutor is summoning victims to provide their statements. A fellow lawyer from Zagreb, who is also engaged in the case, submitted a supplement to the criminal report with the latest developments to the prosecutor last week. Additionally, we forwarded a supplementary criminal report to the German prosecutor.

Many victims of this alleged scam, misled by false promises of the Jubilee Group and its representatives, have not reported their claims. The answer to the question of whether claims can still be reported is yes.

There were also many questions about whether there would be enough funds to compensate the victims. Based on experience, and as you can see for yourselves, a large number of victims do not report their claims. The seized funds recovered from the perpetrators serve this purpose. If there are remaining funds after compensating the victims, they go into the state budget. It is clear that only the persistent and determined succeed in achieving their goals. The legal process is the only way for victims to have any chance for compensation.

Besides seeking justice, our goal is certainly to profit from this case, but our profit will be determined by our success and based on the amount of money we manage to recover for the victims. The initial legal fee is used to cover the costs of administration, document preparation, legal filings, official travels, and other associated expenses, platform maintenance, data verification, case research, evidence collection, writing of criminal complaints, etc.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law