Dear Clients,
Review of the Jubilee Group Case. Progress made by our legal team so far:
Our lawyers have thoroughly investigated the Jubilee Group case, doing our own research and collecting information from the victims. They processed the gathered information, extracted key facts and evidence that serve as the bedrock of the criminal complaint. The team has also processed the individual claims of the victims. The criminal complaint was carefully drafted and submitted to the prosecution in Croatia and Germany. All collected evidence, along with the criminal complaint, was forwarded to Europol, as the overarching organization coordinating the work of national police forces. Additionally, the criminal complaint was also submitted to the police in Singapore. We are confident that we have gathered sufficient evidence against the suspects and that this case will have a legal outcome.
Before filing the criminal complaint, we attempted to reach an agreement with Jubilee Group and RCM through peaceful means, but our efforts did not elicit their interest. Due to a lack of cooperation, criminal proceedings were initiated. We regularly collaborate with the prosecution and the police, providing them with all new case information we receive.

Is it still possible for victims to submit their claims?
Yes, it is still possible. Thanks to the progress we achieved in this case, we have received numerous inquiries through our DefendMe platform regarding whether it is still possible for victims to submit their claims. At the beginning of the process, we faced negative reactions and a campaign directed against the involvement of lawyers. This campaign was led by the representatives of the Jubilee Group. The reason for this was clear – by delaying, they intended to reduce the enthusiasm and willingness to address the problems expressed by the victims, attempting to avoid compensating the victims. Everything was aimed at avoiding criminal and material responsibility.
In essence:
If you do not report your claim, no one will seek you out. Victims need to be proactive, otherwise they will not be considered when the restitution process begins.
The court process is formal, and a lawyer can effectively represent the interests of the victims.
We believe that compensation will be realized within the criminal proceedings, in accordance with what we requested in the criminal complaint on behalf of the victims we represent.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law