Dear Clients,

As you know, we’ve filed a criminal complaint across multiple jurisdictions in the Jubilee Group case. Furthermore, we’ve forwarded the complaint to Europol, which acts as a central organization for European national police forces, enhancing coordination and combating international crime. Provided below is an excerpt from said criminal complaint:

… After successfully convincing many people to invest, perpetrators accumulated over 1 billion USD before ceasing payouts through “Jubilee Ace Limited” and keeping the money for themselves. To conceal the money trail, the perpetrators transferred it to secret digital wallets and converted it into other forms of assets under their control. Following the suspension of payouts and retention of funds, the perpetrators continued their criminal scheme through a new company known as “Jenco Limited”. The victims were compelled to transfer their investments and alleged virtual earnings from Jubilee Ace to Jenco. The victims were conditioned to make new investments to complete the account transfer from one company to another in order to gain access to their accounts, adding further funds into this new system. The perpetrators led the victims to believe that they would earn even more money through Jenco, but in reality, the perpetrators were only collecting more money for themselves.

Jubilee Ace Limited has found itself on the blacklist of several countries, including Switzerland and Austria, due to a lack of permits and licenses required for operating in capital markets. Regulatory authorities for trading have issued warnings to potential investors on their official websites, informing them that Jubilee Ace does not possess the necessary permits and licenses.

The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), the supervisory and independent body overseeing the financial market in Austria, has also issued a warning regarding Jubilee Ace Limited, stating that the company lacks the authorization to conduct banking transactions in Austria that require a license.


The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), the supervisory and independent body overseeing the financial market in Switzerland, has issued a warning and blacklisted Jubilee Ace Limited. It has publicly stated that the operations of this company are not in compliance with capital market regulations and are therefore considered illegal, emphasizing that investing in this company carries personal risk.


To be continued…

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law