Dear Clients,

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that we have received from you:

How is the team that filed the lawsuit first going?

  • Based on the submitted claims via our DefendMe Global Platform, we have brought a criminal report before the district prosecutor in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. Victims are from Croatia and other countries around the world. 

Is there anything else I should know other than the weekly mailing newsletter?

  • At this stage of the proceeding, it is not allowed to share information that could impact the case. This is backed up by law and the insistence of the prosecutor. Information we provide in weekly newsletters is tailored accordingly. 

When will our team list join the lawsuit?

  • By signing the Power of Attorney, each client has become a part of the report. We prepare all claims in accordance with the proper legal form, after which we deliver them to the prosecutor. 

How are the companies (JA&GTR) responding to the lawsuit, or how are they responding?

  • The criminal report is currently in the investigation and planning stage. The prosecutor will then summon the perpetrators to give their statements. The prosecutor can issue an arrest warrant if they fail to show up and provide a statement. 

Do they (JA&GTR) have an active explanation, or are they submitting the explanation data?

  • Before submitting the criminal report, we contacted directors and promoters of JA&GTR and explained to them our intention to submit criminal charges unless our clients are not paid out in full. 
  • We did not receive any convincing evidence that the payments to our clients would be made. Therefore we decided to proceed with the criminal report.

What scenario are you working on to lead to a lawsuit?

  • The criminal report was submitted in Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia, which is a part of the European Union. We believe that the whole case can be concluded in the Republic of Croatia. Suppose, for any reason, there is a need (acceleration of the procedure, quick compensation of damages, etc.); in that case, we can initiate the process in any other country in the world and join it to the procedure in Croatia.

How much do you know about the assets of the companies (JA&GTR), and is it possible to seize them?

  • The public prosecutor can locate and freeze the assets of the companies. Moreover, the prosecutor can locate and freeze the assets of individuals involved with these companies, the owners, directors, promoters, etc… According to the information we are privy to, the suspects and persons connected to them have enough assets to compensate our clients. From court practice, every monetary transaction leaves a trace that can be followed. The prosecutor will seize all assets, including money, properties, stocks, crypto… 

Have you heard anything about the company’s withdrawal plan?

  • Since November of last year, when we started working on this case, there have been several promises by Ja&Gtr that they will initiate a compensation scheme. After each announcement, we actively got involved in protecting the interests of our clients. However, each time it turned out to be just empty promises aimed at delaying in order to dissuade investors from filing lawsuits.

Do you have a clear strategy and method of getting the victim money back?

  • Filing the criminal report to a state prosecutor in one or more countries.
  • Actively representing our clients and protecting their interests during the proceedings.
  • Submitting a compensation claim for each of our clients.
  • Inform every client of the status and the amount allocated to them in the compensation claim.
  • Close the case after every client we represent has been paid out.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attoreny at Law