Dear Clients,

In this newsletter, we will reply to our clients’ inquiries in a general statement. 

This case is still in the investigation stage conducted by the public prosecutor. The complexity of this case due to the fact that there are many international companies and individuals involved is why it is taking longer than we should expect. 

Our strategy in this and similar cases is based on experience and practice and consists of the following:

  • Initially, we endeavor to compensate our clients through direct negotiations with the company.
  • If the negotiations fail, we submit a criminal report to the prosecutor’s office.
  • The prosecutor conducts his own investigation based on our criminal report and the evidence provided and opens a criminal case. 
  • The prosecutor will then freeze the assets of the perpetrators until the end of the proceedings to guarantee the victims will be compensated. 
  •  Our office submits a compensation claim on behalf of our clients. 
  • We represent our clients’ interests during the proceedings. 

In the Jubilee Group case, the negotiations failed as the owners, and the organizers were unwilling to compensate our clients for the amounts they are owed in fiat currency or stablecoins. We then decided to submit a criminal report and seek justice and compensation in court. 

The new evidence and information we have gathered will be submitted personally to the public prosecutor in Zagreb, Croatia. 

Kind Regards,

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law