Dear Clients,

The crypto world is in a turbulent period, and the events are developing in two directions:

  • Regulation of the crypto market 
  • Prosecution of the suspects accused of fraud 

Our pioneer approach in this field helps pave the way for market regulation, investors’ security, and legal protection. The method we use to organize victims, gather evidence and initiate criminal proceedings proved efficient and successful and is now used by others. 

We correctly predicted two months ago that the “FTX” case has elements of criminal liability. This case is now initiated by the US prosecutor under the same criminal classification we suspected and wrote about. 

In the Jubilee Group case, we expect further progress and the end of the investigation stage. Due to the complexity of the case and its international nature, the investigation is expected to last longer than usual. 

Kind Regards,

Zoran Miljakovic 

Attorney at Law