Dear Clients,

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Regal Core Markets, on 01.06.2022 made the following announcement:

“ Jubile Group total deposits stands at 2.164.603.559,08$ as of 31.05.2022. You made a total of US$0 Deposits and  US$0 Withdrawals in the month of May.“

Signed by Cale Kingsley, Managing Director RCM.

As legal counsel, we are in the process of re-initiating discussions with the defendants regarding the potential recovery of investments made by our clients. In furtherance of this effort, we have formally requested information from RCM regarding the status and availability of these funds. Pending a successful resolution, we intend to withdraw our criminal complaint.

We have sent a request to reopen discussions with the defendants regarding a potential settlement. Should an amicable agreement be reached, and all of our clients have been fully compensated, it is our intention to inform the prosecution of the settlement and to formally withdraw the criminal complaint.

It is important to note that, should an agreement be reached and a withdrawal of the complaint be made, the prosecution retains the authority to proceed with the case in accordance with their official duties. In such a scenario, the defendants may be able to negotiate a plea agreement, which could result in reduced charges or sentences. It is to be noted that a timely and fair compensation to the victims can be considered a mitigating factor by the court during sentencing.

Kind Regards,

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law