Dear Clients,

We have contacted the RCM platform several times since the opening of this case. In our correspondence, we have informed them about the initiation of the investigation and the claims of the client we represent in the Jubilee Group case.

Taking into consideration their notifications regarding the frozen funds of the Jubilee Group, we deemed it necessary to initiate official correspondence with them, the contents of which can be found in the following text.

If RCM decides to disregard our request, they can themselves be a part of the criminal investigation. They cannot freely dispose of these funds until the court proceedings are over, and our DefendMe clients will have priority in getting their money back.

Below is the content of the letter:


P. O. Box 535, Port Vila, Vanuatu



I am reaching out to you as the legal representative hired by over 1,500 affected parties from Croatia, Germany, Korea, and other countries in the criminal matter against the Jubilee Group. Criminal proceedings have been initiated and charges have been filed with the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zagreb against the responsible individuals of the Jubilee Group for the crime of Fraud under Article 236, Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Croatia, among other offenses. The criminal report was submitted on May 5th, 2022, and the criminal case is ongoing.

Our clients, who were negatively impacted by the illegal actions of the Jubilee Group, have incurred damages in the amount of 350 million USD to date. This figure is subject to change as additional claims are being submitted by affected parties.

It has been reported by RCM in their June 1st, 2022 Monthly Account Updates that the current total deposit held by the Jubilee Group is 2,164,603,559.08 USD.

Attachment: Monthly Account Updates June 1st, 2022, Cale Kingsley, Managing Director

Pursuant your announcement we are sending you the following request:

Responsible persons of the Jubilee Group are charged with organizing the sale of electronic software that provides financial arbitration services in the period from the year 2018 to 2021 on the territories of the European Union, United States of America, South Korea, China, and other countries.

The sales procedure was conducted in the following way:

· Via the Internet by creating a web platform.

· By holding online presentations and promotions via the ZOOM platform.

· By having individual presentations and promotions around the world.

By falsely presenting facts about their companies, their business, and the functioning and operations of their electronic software intended to conduct financial arbitration services, responsible persons of the Jubilee Group solicited investments from our clients, promising substantial returns. The profits were not paid out, and the injured parties still cannot access their accounts and assets on the Jubilee Group platforms.

By such conduct, responsible persons of the Jubilee Group committed the criminal offense of fraud and other criminal offenses punishable under the Laws of the Republic of Croatia as well as by the laws of other countries in which they operated.

Considering that criminal proceedings are being conducted against the above-mentioned individuals and companies, we REQUEST that the funds of the Jubilee Group of USD 2,164,603,559.08 deposited on your accounts be frozen until the end of the court proceedings. The clients we represent have the right to be made whole again and settle their claims using these funds.

Legal Advice:

As a legal representative, I must advise that non-compliance with our request to freeze the funds may result in accusations of complicity in the alleged criminal offenses for which the individuals responsible for the Jubilee Group are facing charges.

On 02.02.20223 in Belgrade.                                                                         

Kind Regards,

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law