Dear Clients,

During the past year, we have taken a number of actions with regard to the Jubilee Group case, including:

  • Receiving reports from investors (victims), verifying their authenticity, and consolidating them into a collective criminal complaint.
  • Collecting and organizing information on the suspects involved in the case.
  • Gathering and organizing information on the legal entities that have operated within the Jubilee Group.
  • Creating a criminal complaint based on the information that was collected.
  • Filing the criminal complaint with the Singapore Police Force and the County Public Prosecutor’s Office in Zagreb.
  • Requesting the freezing and seizure of assets that belong to the Jubilee Group, and which we believe are held by third parties (such as the RCM platform).
  • Establishing contact and working collaboratively with attorneys in New York in the event that legal proceedings in the United States become a possibility.
  • Proactively monitoring the activities of the suspects from the Jubilee Group, and taking measures to prevent any further fraudulent activities aimed at what is commonly referred to as an “exit scam.”
  • Through collaboration with journalists some of whom are working for The Guardian newspaper, we have successfully thwarted the activities of another Jubilee Group derivative, 3Key(Lyra), which was operating in the UK and the EU. However, they have since shifted their operations to South Korea and other East Asian countries, and have continued to defraud additional clients.

It is our expectation that this case will get a court date this year.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law