Dear Clients,

We are witnessing major changes in the world of cryptocurrencies, which consist of the following:

  • The acceleration of legislative frameworks and regulations in this domain.
  • Heightened efforts by law enforcement agencies, including prosecutors, police, and courts, in identifying and bringing to justice perpetrators of cryptocurrency and MLM fraud.
  • Enhanced technical and operational capabilities of law enforcement agencies, including prosecutors and police, in detecting and responding to cyber-related fraudulent activities.
  • Increased technical proficiency of prosecutors in tracking cryptocurrency transactions.
  • The established practice of temporarily seizing assets and funds acquired through cryptocurrency scams from accused individuals until the end of the court proceedings.
  • Streamlined procedures for substantiating damages incurred by affected investors.

The prevailing social atmosphere is favorable for addressing our case, which, as previously noted, is among the top 20 cases in this particular domain.

We have undertaken significant efforts to systematize all relevant facts and evidence linking a multitude of companies operating under the Jubilee Group banner. By consolidating all individual actions into a cohesive unit, we have greatly aided the prosecution’s efforts in bringing this case to a successful conclusion.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law