Dear Clients,
Over the past week, we have devoted our efforts to the expansion and development of the criminal report. We are currently exploring the feasibility of incorporating the RCM platform in the existing criminal report and all future reports to be submitted. Our decision on the extent of RCM’s involvement in this case will be informed by the evidence at hand.
The statements made by RCM officials do not address the alleged freezing of the Jubilee Group’s assets. Furthermore, they have not responded to our request to block these assets until the completion of the criminal proceedings, under the threat of criminal prosecution. This has created a new legal situation to which we are rapidly adapting. It has provided us with an opportunity to expand the criminal complaint by including those responsible in RCM. Additionally, it has opened up the possibility of submitting the criminal complaint in other countries where the RCM company is headquartered or where responsible parties reside. We are actively working on these tasks.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law