Dear Clients,
Last week, we discussed the announcement made by Tony Jackson, the alleged executive director of Jubilee Group, on May 19, 2023.
We advise you not to be concerned about any statements made by Jubilee Group, as they hold no legal validity and do not absolve them from liability for their illegal activities.
The legal framework of this case is clear: The suspects engaged in alleged fraudulent activities, deceiving victims into investing money in fake projects and a false financial arbitration process, knowing full well that it does not operate the way it was presented to the potential investors.
When it comes to criminal liability, false bankruptcies do not provide salvation. The actions of the perpetrators from Jubilee Group demonstrate that they have likely diverted the victims’ money into wallets under their control. The companies that provided the illusion of legal operations are now empty shells without capital. Compensation will be sought from the entire assets of the perpetrators and related individuals who were involved in the diversion of funds. This is how the criminal proceedings operate.
In the Bitclub case, as an example, the public prosecutor has seized all assets belonging to the accused and related individuals, both at the company and personal levels.
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Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law