Dear Clients,

Restitution of assets in the case of Jubilee Group can be pursued through two legal models:

  •  Compensation for damages in criminal proceedings
  •  Compensation for damages in civil litigation

Statements from the executive director of Jubilee Group, Tony Jackson, as well as other responsible individuals, have always aimed at delaying and attempting to steer victims towards seeking compensation through civil proceedings. Such an approach suits them well, as there are no funds in the accounts of their companies registered in countries like Malta and Hong Kong. As a result, they ultimately declare bankruptcy. There is no money, and the victims are faced with significant difficulties. It all ends with their apology to the victims. This is disgraceful. It means that in this case, there are realistically no sanctions against them.

We have submitted a criminal report on your behalf and are actively engaged in this case. We believe that the perpetrators are criminally responsible for deceiving victims into investing money in allegedly fraudulent projects, knowing from the very beginning that these projects are not financially sustainable, with the sole intention of misappropriating significant sums of money from the victims. It is important to emphasize that in criminal proceedings, all assets of the accused and their affiliated individuals can be seized for the purpose of compensating the victims.

All our efforts are focused on proving their criminal liability and obtaining compensation within the framework of the criminal proceedings. This is fair to the victims. The process is currently underway in that direction. I would also like to note that it is still possible to file your claims through our platform at

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law