Dear Clients,

On Monday, Mr. Bobby Low, in his Telegram group, posted the following text:

“Rcmfx have just finished filing for insolvency. We will await from auditors to provide us with their liquidation report. Then we will understand how much funds are there balance with them.”


All previous statements from RCM and the Jubilee Group are under suspicion regarding their truthfulness. The reasons for such a stance are as follows:

  • They have never supported their statements with any evidence.
  • They have never been willing to communicate with the victims’ legal representative.

Therefore, we must approach this statement from Mr.Bobby Low with caution. This is particularly important because his status within the Jubilee Group is undefined. He himself claims to have received severance pay and is no longer involved in that project.

Quote: Company has sent me a severance letter to remove me from my executive positions, but I will continue to connect and help everyone just like what I have done before.

The bankruptcy or liquidation process does not absolve responsible individuals in companies filing for bankruptcy or liquidation from their criminal liability. In the best interest of the clients we represent, we closely monitor the events and statements provided by the responsible individuals of Jubilee Group. If any assets are discovered at Jubilee Group following the completion of the bankruptcy proceedings, we may consider refraining from pursuing criminal charges only if the clients we represent are fully compensated. If this occurs, we will withdraw the criminal complaint on behalf of our clients. However, if only partial payment occurs, we will not withdraw the complaint until the final settlement is made.

The criminal proceedings will continue regardless of the statements made by the responsible individuals of the Jubilee Group regarding the bankruptcy.

We would like to inform individuals who have been adversely affected by the Jubilee Group but have not yet registered and submitted their claim through our DefendMe platform that they can still do so.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law