Dear Clients,

Reasons to Suspect Jubilee Group is Operating a Forex Scam:

  • Jubilee Gruop froze your account
  • Jubilee Group blocked your account
  • You cannot login back into your account
  • Money has been taken out from the account
  • Jubilee Group doesn’t take your calls
  • Jubilee Group shut down their website
  • You noticed Jubilee Group took money out from your bank account without your permission
  • Jubilee Group is offering you a bonus
  • Jubilee Group is offering you to fund more money into the account after you lost a large sum

Reasons why Jubilee Group continues to provide false information:

  • To alleviate pressure from victims towards the founders and promoters.
  • To buy time in order to cover up the money trail and their alleged criminal activities.
  • To deter victims from filing criminal complaints.
  • To diminish victims’ determination over time in their attempts to recover their investments

Reasons why Jubilee Group filed for bankruptcy:

  • The founders and their promoters, by announcing bankruptcy, also aim to create hope among the victims that they will be able to recover at least a portion of their investments from the bankruptcy estate. According to the law, the tax authorities, followed by government agencies, banks, and finally investors, are the first to be compensated from the bankruptcy estate. However, I believe that there are no funds in the bankruptcy estate, and it is merely a deception for the victims. The accounts of Jubilee Group have long been emptied. The money is allegedly held in the private accounts of the founders and promoters.

Attorney’s position:

  • The only correct course of action is precisely what we, the lawyers at Defendme, are doing. We have filed a criminal complaint on behalf of the victims and are demanding that the perpetrators be held accountable for their actions, while the court, upon establishing their guilt, awards fair compensation to the victims from the seized assets of all the perpetrators.
  • We have taken all actions within our mandate and legal jurisdiction as allowed by the law, and we are now awaiting the proceedings of the judicial authorities, believing that the court will make a just decision regarding the guilt of the perpetrators and grant the victims fair restitution.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law